Sustainability – getting to the point

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Philipp Wyss, Chairman of the Executive Committee
of the Coop Group Cooperative

Last year, we increased our sales of sustainable products to 5.4 billion francs, meaning we are still Number 1 in Switzerland for sustainability.

Joos Sutter, Chairman of the Board of Directors
of the Coop Group Cooperative

We have been committed to people, animals and nature for over 30 years. Sustainable business is enshrined in our Articles of Association and is part of the Coop Group Cooperative’s DNA.

Balz Strasser, Managing Director Bio Suisse

Demand for organic products at Coop was higher than ever in 2020. This pleases us greatly at Bio Suisse. For this success to be sustained, we want to deepen our already close partnership with Coop.

Thomas Vellacott, CEO WWF Switzerland

It is impressive that, by the end of 2020, Coop had reduced its operational CO2 emissions by 30 percent. Now, the priority is to implement the necessary reduction in CO2 along Coop’s entire supply chain.

Markus Mader, Director Swiss Red Cross

We are extremely grateful to Coop for supporting the Covid relief efforts. In what was a challenging situation for all of us, together we were able to quickly provide people with food, without any complications.