Foreword by Philipp Wyss

Sustainability is a part of everyday life throughout the Coop Group. It is integral to our business activities and, since 1973, has been strategically enshrined in our Articles of Association and Corporate Profile.

This progress report illustrates the Coop Group’s performance each year in the area of sustainability. On this page, you will find detailed information about progress towards our targets and the status of projects implemented in all three pillars of sustainability.

As a company, we take a long-term view and set ambitious multi-year targets, embedding concrete sustainability targets throughout the Coop Group. Based on three pillars, we implement sustainability throughout the company. This includes our aspiration to offer the biggest and most diverse range of sustainable products, to always go one step further in protecting the environment and the climate, and to broaden our social commitment.

Personally, I was particularly pleased last year that we further expanded the organic range and increased sales of organic products to 2 billion francs. Demand for organic products grew very strongly during an otherwise difficult pandemic year. Overall, we increased sales of sustainable products in the Coop Group to 5.4 billion francs, meaning we are still the clear Number 1 in Switzerland for sustainability. We’re making very good headway and are on track with our sustainability targets. 

As a sustainability pioneer, we have again set high targets for the next few years. By the end of 2021, we would like to grow sales of sustainable products throughout the Coop Group to 6 billion francs. This benefits everyone: people, animals and the environment.

Philipp Wyss

Chairman of the Coop Group Executive Committee